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Here's a pleasant mid-June view from Smith Station.
Dog view
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But if you want an up-to-the-minute Joelton info page, well then try the HIP Joelton page on Facebook.

Joelton is the place... Joelton Water Tower
  1. Where we don't bother saying "Joelton, TN, USA," because there is only one Joelton in the galaxy (that we know of so far).
  2. Where we have a water tower. Don't laugh, that wasn't true a few years ago. Don't ask what we drank from before, because most of us still don't have sewer lines.
  3. Where the expression "Bless her thumpin' gizzard" is meant just as nice as it sounds.
  4. Where men too old to hunt gather Saturday mornings to eat country ham, pick on guitars and avoid doing chores (okay, this one is a bit out of date, since Honest Joe's closed down).
  5. Where there's no need to remember what time the drug store opens on the weekend. That's what they sell life insurance for.
  6. Where dining out is what they sell health insurance for, especially if you eat at certain places (just kidding, of course).
  7. Where driving with all four wheels on your side of the road is optional (not kidding!).
  8. Where foreign culture is welcome...if the parking lot at the Mexican restaurant is any indication. Although, the inability to keep a good pizza joint in business bodes not well for Italians. Update: We are rooting for Firecracker to be the exception, making it fashionable once again to be Italian around here.
  9. Where good folks live...'s'long as they can.
  10. Where you get off the Interstate to avoid traffic.
  11. Where "over developed" means more than six storage sheds within a stone's throw of the house.
  12. Where we check HIP Joelton on Facebook to find out if it is raining right now.
  13. Where, before Smith Station, there was no weather at all!